Project Boon – Dev Diary #11 – Doors

These are my first doors. They’re made with different static meshes created from BSP brushes and blueprint childs.

How they work is very simple, when I right click I send a line trace to an invisible collision box.

When hit it activates a timeline and the static mesh moves from the initial position to the final one.

After 3 seconds it returns to its starting position. The next step is to modify them to react to switches and to make some of them only open when the player has a colored keycard.

Project Boon – Dev Diary #10 – Blueprints for the placeables

I cleaned up and changed the FieldTest map a bit and put the placeables there.

I created a blueprint with the basics, a collision box, a flipbook and
an EventTick making the flipbook face the camera. Then a child blueprint for each placeable.

With the exception of the pools of blood they’re all set up to block all dynamic and I can step on them.

I need to change a couple of them to receive damage and explode.

Project Boon – Dev Diary #8 – Starting with the game logic

I modified the FirstPersonExample map to use my materials and created some blueprints to start building the game logic.

As you can see I created some sprites that follow the player and orient themselves to the camera and some others that detect on what side I am and rotate the sprite accordingly.

In the future I’ll show the characters with their respective sprites and the blueprints that make it work.