Project Boon – Dev Diary #32 – Adding more monsters with some slight improvements

I added 4 more monsters and customized the basic one to shoot bullets instead of missiles.

The Movement State doesn’t work properly yet, I’m going to rebuild all the AI but the basics are there. They chase the player, they feint and they shoot as they should.

The Pain State (stun) calculations are also there as well as customized Speed, Health, Damage, Range, Spread and Reaction values.

Doom E1M1 Remake with UE4 and Freedoom assets (Update)

This is the first update of my Doom E1M1 remake with UE4 and Freedoom assets.

Now there are weapons, pickups and some decoration around the map. Rockets have splash damage so they’re more dangerous and fun.

All the game logic will be shared in the future for free so anyone can make their own sprite based FPS including multiplayer.

You can try this prototype here: