Project Boon – Dev Diary #35 – Monster infighting system

A basic infighting system is in place.

When a monster is hit by an enemy it “tags” it as Target and a Timer

During the time the Timer is running the monster will only focus on that Target even if it’s hit by another enemy, including the player.

This happens until the Target is killed or the Timer stops. Then the
player becomes the new Target.

In that moment if it’s hit the cycle starts all over again.

The system works well and it made me realize that the actual AI needs tweaking.

Project Boon – Dev Diary #34 – Ghostly enemy and pain states

I added a new enemy, a translucent worm with a ghostly trail, is the
equivalent of the Spectre.

I finished the pain state in which enemies can get stun for a brief
period of time.

Thanks to a member of the Unreal community I changed the way some sprites face the camera, now it looks the way other sprite-based shooters do, with sprites perpendicular to the camera horizontal.

I also changed the sprites of the Serpent and the way the system detects your screen resolutions.

Now I’ll finish the infighting system.

Project Boon – Dev Diary #33 – A lot of improvements made

I’ve made a lot of changes since the last update:

-Actors have an audio component instead of using the “Play Sound” node.

-Soldiers drop ammo when dead.

-Enemies react when attacked.

-Minigunners shoot with the proper speed, now they’re extremely
dangerous. When I implement infighting it’s going to be hilarious.

-The crosshair uses an individual widget with a new material and can be easily customized.

-I removed the spread from the pistol, now every time you shoot it hits the center.

-Every weapon is an individual actor with its own logic. This is in fact the way I started the weapon system at first, then I put everything inside the Player Character, but this was a bad idea. Now everything works perfectly and is more manageable.

-For weapons I swapped Delays with Timelines and this made disappear any previous glitches I encountered.

-Weapons get attached to a Scene Component, it allows me to do switching animations and it’ll allow me to make the weapon swing when the player is moving.

-They also have some of the networking functionality in place, shooting is calculated server side and the effects (damage and sound) replicated.

-Some actors have a dynamic light component.

-The Main Menu is no longer a photo, is its own map with a special
camera actor (a pawn) that slowly turns randomly. I’ll use this new
camera for map and match endings like Quake does.

-There’s a basic menu with audio volume, video options, start map
options and server browser. It needs improvements but it’s functional.

I’ve spent a lot of time with the networking bit of the logic and I
haven’t finish it yet. I think I’m going to stop working on it until I
finish other things first because there’re still some fundamental parts that I can’t figure out and they’re taking me precious time away that I could spend on other stuff like better gore with gibbing or making more enemies.

It’s a little bit disappointing but it’s the best way to move forward
and get things done ASAP.