Ninja Work It. Old meme NOW IN 3D! Made with Blender and Unreal Engine 4

There was an old meme a decade ago called Karateka Dance or Ninja Work(s) It. An animated gif with the ninja from the game Karateka dancing like MC Hammer to, I believe originally, the song “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” by Daft Punk.

I rotoscoped the frames in 3D with Blender, animated them in UE4 and made this video.

I did this to test an idea for an ultraviolent retro shooter with
dismemberment mechanics.

And it can be done…

I guess it can be useful for other stuff too… 🤣

Project Boon – Dev Diary #38 – Footsteps without Animation Notifies

Someone asked how to implement footsteps when not using Animation Blueprints and therefore without access to AnimNotifies.

Basically what I did is check everytime the Flipbook plays the 2 frames when each foot touches the floor, then trace to the floor and play a different sound depending on the Physics Material.

And because every time I switch angles the animation resets, I had to add some extra functionality to the sprite logic.

The solution is to save everytime at the end of the calculation what is the time of the Flipbook playback timeline and the angle, and at the start check if the angle has changed, and if it has, play the animation from the position saved previously with the extra DeltaTime.

Also, as you can see, I added a very basic patrol mode.

Unless something VERY interesting catches my attention the next thing on my list would be gore, specifically blood squirts, exploding corpses and blood pools.

Project Boon – Dev Diary #37 – Improving the BFG and making a (mini) Nuke Launcher

I’m still working on the demo but stuff has happened IRL and I haven’t finished it yet. Hopefully I can release it next week.

In the meantime I’ll show you some improvements I made to the SKAG 1337 which is Freedoom’s name for the BFG 9000.

Before this what happened is that the explosion put every character in an array and then damage them one by one from the closest to the farthest one.

Now the explosion damages multiple enemies at once in increments of distance and the result is much better.

Then I took the logic and modified the Missile Launcher to shoot Nukes instead of the regular projectiles.

And to make it look like a Nuke I multiplied the value of the increments by the scale of the sprite so it grows as the explosion expands.

I think it looks very funny 😂

Project Boon – Dev Diary #36 – Some “bosses” with improved pain state

This is a short video with 3 bigger monsters that could represent bosses with some interesting shooting patterns.

And they have some improvements in the Pain State, I’m using Timelines instead of Delays so when the Pain State is triggered I can stop any countdowns and just switch the logic to the stun without being interrupted by other function that was latent waiting for a Delay to finish.