Project Boon – Dev Diary #38 – Footsteps without Animation Notifies

Someone asked how to implement footsteps when not using Animation Blueprints and therefore without access to AnimNotifies.

Basically what I did is check everytime the Flipbook plays the 2 frames when each foot touches the floor, then trace to the floor and play a different sound depending on the Physics Material.

And because every time I switch angles the animation resets, I had to add some extra functionality to the sprite logic.

The solution is to save everytime at the end of the calculation what is the time of the Flipbook playback timeline and the angle, and at the start check if the angle has changed, and if it has, play the animation from the position saved previously with the extra DeltaTime.

Also, as you can see, I added a very basic patrol mode.

Unless something VERY interesting catches my attention the next thing on my list would be gore, specifically blood squirts, exploding corpses and blood pools.